Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Night Full of Musical Energy at the Triple Rock Social Club In Minneapolis, MN

Last night was the show I have been waiting for weeks to see.  It was a fantastic lineup of high energy local bands.

The opening band for the night was La Madness a local band who've found a decent following in California and have plans to dive from the springboard of our strong supportive local music community into the tank of sharks and big fish that is the west coast music scene.  They currently modestly hold the #2 spot on the website in Minneapolis, MN for the Indie / Rock / Blues category.  Their clear and clean riffs, vocals, and drums set the bar for the night's musical standard, and that bar was held high by both the bands who followed. 

The second act was a local band who are about to release their remastered debut album in Europe this next week thanks to the German record label that picked up this rising star and is intent to place it on the old growth tree of European musical competition.  The crowd also showed that Europe is not the only place these young talented musicians are gaining ground.

The night was finally crowned by the high energy rocking power of The Jelly Project, who were fresh and bursting with energy after having several weeks off since performing in Austin, TX last month at the South By South West music festival.

Although this wasn't the only show going on yesterday in Minneapolis even on the west bank alone, none the less I spent my whole night at the Triple Rock Social Club intermittently dancing, taking pictures, socializing, and enjoying the music.  A common theme of discussion in between sets was how saturated our scene is with incredible local music.  Almost every night of every week at multiple venues throughout town there are talented bands playing different types of music.  We are actually quite spoiled here in Minneapolis because there are so many great musicians, yet the scene is mostly intimate and filled with other musicians who enjoy the vibrancy and diversity of music we have in the Twin Cities.  Also, the vast majority of musicians in the scene are so appreciative and supportive toward one another that the camaraderie is palpable in the air.  As I walked through the crowd I saw dozens of local musicians who came out to support their friends' success, which is truly the most dynamic and enthusiastic support starving artists could hope for.  Thanks for an awesome show guys. 

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