Friday, June 14, 2013

After a long break from writing, a brief blurb about tonight's many shows

So, I know I have been neglecting my music blog recently.  None the less, as I was headed out the door for a night jam packed with local music, I wrote a quick post for Facebook and I thought it would be an appropriate thing to transfer to this blog.  This night is going to be filled with musician friends of mine performing all across the twin cities and beyond.  I'm having a hard time deciding what shows to go to.  The Japhies are releasing their new album at Memory Lanes -- Dead Larry are having their 9 year anniversary party at The Nomad World Pub -- Mississippi Rising are playing the Fine line with the Jelly Project -- Cause Spirit and Sound Bar are having their 22nd art gallery opening show -- and Peregrine Perspective is playing with Space Monster at Memory Lanes -- Additionally, if I were in Los Angeles, California La Madness is playing a show at a place called Genghis Cohen  So much awesome music coming from the Minneapolis Music scene tonight it's hard to figure out what to do!