Sunday, May 18, 2014

Art-A-Whirl day 2 at 612 Brew

Today is the second day of Art-A-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis.  After a delicious brunch at The Colossal Cafe near our house, I headed off toward northeast to see the festivities.

Along the way I bumped into a few frends as the wanderlust was focused into a particular venue.  Having been there yesterday, and with a meal ticket courtesy of my friend Tristan from Hot Damn!, who didn't use his yesterday, it was decided the 612 Brew taphouse was once again the place to be.

Sure enough, I met a great many cool people in the crowds at the brewhouse.  It's local brews and local music drew a liesurely crowd to listen and relax.  As per usual, I brought my dancing energies to accompany the music, which was very well recieved.  It was a really fun space to dance with the bright sun beaming down and the accoustic beauty of the amphatheater accompanying our energy.

Soon enough, I got a few more of the crowd moving as their restless desire to dance finally overpowered the social awkwardness they felt as everyone else just stood or sat around absorbing the energies of the sun and the music instead of vibrating with it and resonating the energies.  None the less, the energies flowed wonderfuly as I danced along with the music of a local band that is new to me called False Teeth.  The energy level was still high and full of exuberance when I finally had to leave in the middle of Botzy's set in order to get ready for work.  All in all it was another fantastic experience.

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